Frequently Asked Questions

How is this a low Risk Investment?
A – This is a Low Risk investment because you are only paying your deposit. You are not committing to purchase the whole property in one go. The value of the Property will always be higher than the amount of your deposit. In the event of any worst-case situation, the property can always be sold to recover your investment.

How is a 10% return achieved?
A – The investment return is calculated from the amount of deposit you have paid. An average deposit is 20% of the sales price.

For example: –
On a 6 Mil Baht apartment you pay 1.2Mil Baht. The return is 120,000 Baht per year or 10,000 Baht per month. We rent the same apartment at 18-22,000 Baht per month. We make money and so do you.

What happens if the apartment is not rented?
A – Your apartment is not alone. It is part of a group of 30 apartments all being rented on long term agreements. Average occupancy rates are 60% full and 40% empty at any one time. The rent collected on the occupied apartments easily covers the rent on the unoccupied apartments. As we are not a hotel we are not affected by high and low season. The majority of our tenants are expats staying for long periods of time. (working professionals or retirees).

Can foreign nationals buy into this Investment?
A – All Foreign Nationals can buy into these investment properties. As you have only paid your deposit the property ownership remains with the Developer. There is no Transfer of ownership during the 5 year “Trial period,” therefore the foreign quota of the building is unaffected.

Can I buy the remainder of the property at the End of the 5 year Trial and Investment period?
A – Yes. You are entering a “try before you buy” purchase agreement. Should any person wish to complete their purchase of the property at the end of the “trial period” then they can.

Can I cancel the agreement during the 5 year “Trial Period”?
A – Yes. Written within the contract is a cancelation clause. This allows the buyer to give notice to cancel and have their money returned but sensibly allows the Seller time to obtain the returning investment.

How will you return my investment at the End of the 5 year Trial should I not wish the purchase the apartment?
A – We have reserved 3 very achievable options of how to return the investment to any buyer.
1. Resell the same promotional deal to a new investor. A new investor pays their deposit and the money is used to repay the first investor. (a simple exchange of contracts.)
2. Sell the whole apartment to return the investor’s money.
3. Loan against the property to repay the investment. (a standard loan to value Bank loan would normally result in a 50% payout). As only 20% has to be paid back to the Investor the money is easily obtained.

Can I also stay in the apartment?
A – The apartment is actually rented to achieve the investment return. It is not possible for the buyer to stay in the same apartment if it is occupied. The result would be the investor preventing their own return on investment.

How am I legally protected?
A – Our Purchase contracts have been written by our legal team with all considerations to the Consumer protection Act, B.E. 2522 (1979). Any legal questions can be answered by our lawyers to satisfy our buyers and investors. Investors legal rights as Consumers under this Act are protected.

How can I proceed?
A – Fill in your details on our page and one of our sales team will answer with all the relevant details. It costs nothing to inquire. Just a short amount of your time.

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